Custom Bike Seat Covers

Custom bike seat covers and foam modification services in South East Queensland.

send your Bike seat covers to me! Postage service available.

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Custom Covers
Premium custom made fitted covers to set your ride apart from anyone else's! Made with the highest quality UV rated materials.
Foam Modifications
Foam softening, hardening, lowering, heightening, widening, noarrowing and angle modifications to a high standard.
$160.00 per template.

over 15 years of Upholstery experience with expertise in bike seats

I’ve helped many riders over my 15 years of general upholstery but have developed expertise in delivering high-quality custom bike seats. I’ve only ever received positive feedback from riders on how their bike feels and looks after I’ve customized their standard seats.

why choose me

Premium Results

Design a seat that complements your bike, but more importantly, fits you.

Quality Workmanship

Riders need support and comfort over many kilometers of road.

Experienced Upholsterer

Over 15 years of experience in motorcycle seats.

Reliable Service

Positive feedback from riders on their custom seats.

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